The Queer Horror Doctor


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I am currently an academic writing and researching in film and television/cultural studies. My research takes an interest in the modern uses of monstrous metaphors in contemporary, queer infused horror film and television texts as a means of exploring sub-cultural anxieties within LGBTQ communities. My work also extends to the study of avant garde, experimental and cult film, psychoanalysis and the body in the moving image, the creation of video essays and screen curation and programming.

Please visit my research profile at the University of Hertfordshire for further info

My intention in setting up this blog/information resource is to gather thoughts, research and musings on developing trends in queer horror film and television, to review films/series, and to develop further projects and research work in the moving image. I also wish to encourage those with similar interests in the academic (and non-academic) study of queer-infused horror to exchange ideas, thoughts, and share good practice.