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Queer Fears: A Symposium on Queer Horror Film and TV - a report...

Queer Fears - a collaboration with the University of Hertfordshire’s Media Research Group (Humanities), The Odyssey Cinema and BAFTSS ran successfully on the 28th June and was a really refreshing day of talks, networking and the celebration of Queer Horror film in the form of A Nightmare on Elm St 2: Freddy’s Revenge. To boot - we were delighted that the Scream Queen star of the film Mark Patton (Jesse) supported the event and was kind enough to send a intro video to the film with a trailer of the new documentary on the film as the ‘gayest horror film’ of all time, Scream, Queen: My Nightmare on Elm St (2019).

See below for pictures from the event, links to the conference report by Daisy Butcher courtesy of the Open Graves, Open Minds project, and the video of support from Mark Patton.

The Queer Fears network will rise again…


Darren Elliott-Smith